101 Implant Fundamentals

Module Information
Week One: The Basics
Understanding what a dental implant is, its history, and the different types and complications.
Week Two: Order of Treatment 
What can go wrong and are you prepared?
Understanding implants start to finish - At each stage, your staff are prepared with the correct instruments, stock and appointment management. Reduce errors that lead to cancellations, overbooking, mismanagement of stock, and a chaotic environment. Prepare your team to know what to do in the event of a plan changing so that the patient, you and the practice don’t miss a beat.
Week Three: Paperwork is Everybody’s Responsibility
Correct paperwork covers the practice against expensive and lengthy legal proceedings. Sloppy documentation that is not cohesive costs the practice time, money, and reputation. This training will outline to staff exactly how to maintain best practice with all paperwork. 
Week Four: Hand Hygiene and PPE
Maintain a high standard throughout the whole practice when it comes to implant surgery. This is a unified approach that leaves no room for interpretation. Protect your surgery, your patients, and yourself!
This week you will need your welcome pack for a practical lesson.
Week Five: Preparing a Sterile Environment & Implant setup
When staff understand why a sterile field is imperative to the safety and success rates of your implant surgery, they follow the aseptic protocol seamlessly. Keep your surgery safe for patients, yourself, and your staff.
We will also guide you through the flow of a single implant placement, that goes hand in hand with a sterile field.
Week Six: Maintenance and Sterilisation of Surgical Equipment and Instruments
Equipment is expensive so investing in the maintenance of instruments is a good practice policy. Breakages lead to canceled surgeries and expensive replacements, so training staff to understand exactly how to maintain and sterilise equipment is just good business sense!
Week Seven: Reviewing, Restoring & Aftercare
Understanding when the implant is ready to be restored and what we need is a vital part of the procedure. Lack of organisation at this stage can lead to appointment mismanagement and can cost the practice a lot of money.
It is important to understand the proper care and maintenance that is required to keep an implant looking and functioning, setting your patient up for success.
Week Eight: Verbal Skills, Customer Satisfaction, and FAQ’s from Patients
A well-informed dental implant patient is a happy patient. Ensure consistent customer experience from the moment a patient enquires to the moment they leave. Create an outstanding reputation and let the reviews speak for themselves.


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