Meet the Team 

Hi, I'm Rochelle

25 years ago I started my very first dental assisting job in the UK having studied at Leeds dental institute. I have gone on to work with dentists, consultants, and professors worldwide in practices from the UK to Australia. 

I have been a dental surgical assistant for most of my professional life. I have coordinated treatment and clinical practices for the likes of Larry Benge and Prof Weisenfled and I have hours of “in the trenches” experience.

I know what makes a practice profitable, compliant, safe (for patients and staff alike) and stress-free.

Two years ago I founded my very own training company, Dental Assisting and Beyond to support  and educate practices in surgical and implant set-up protocols and techniques around Australia. I believe in the whole team approach (thorough training for the entire team) and I am passionate about education, training and best practice. I love nothing more than hearing back from the practices I have worked with that their staff turnover has decreased, client satisfaction has increased, staff morale has improved and implant procedures are running smoothly.

This is the power of investing in thorough training with the whole team approach.

I am also a fully qualified practicing yogi and offer wellness packages specifically for dental staff. The stress on the body and mind in the dental world is real and can lead to burnout, poor mental health and workplace-related injuries. I provide workshops and courses to help staff relax, combat the physical strain of long days in surgery and maintain good mental health throughout their career.

I love working alongside practices to ensure all their staff feel educated, confident, valued and happy in the workplace.

Hi, I'm Alex

I have been in the dental industry for over 10 years. My passion lies in complex surgical dental implant cases, being able to assist the surgeon and make sure the patient has the best possible care. 
Working in a very busy Melbourne implant practice I pride myself in being a team player and helping to educate newer members of the team.
You will mostly see me (for now) in the learning video sessions at Dental Assisting & Beyond. Helping and supporting Rochelle to deliver the best possible education for other dental teams. 


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