Dental Implant Team Training Day

Module Information
8.30 am - 10.00 am
Turning the team into experts - educating your staff on dental implant history and development so your patients can be confident they are in safe and knowledgeable hands.
Planning and prep for surgery - We’ve all been caught out mid-surgery by a lack of prep. We haven’t ordered a healing cap and only realised mid-implant surgery. Suddenly there’s an extra procedure for the dentist taking up valuable time and money and resulting in patient dissatisfaction. When a cohesive system is implemented and everyone is trained to adhere to it, you will have adequate stock for all eventualities resulting in a smoothly run operating room.
Order of treatment - Understanding implants start to finish - a teaching stage that your staff are prepared with the correct instruments, stock and appointment management. Reduce errors that lead to cancellations, overbooking, mismanagement of stock and a chaotic environment. Prepare your team to know what to do in the event of a plan changing so that the patient, you and the practice don’t miss a beat.
Most common questions asked by patients - Put simply, well-educated and confident staff equate to a well-informed patient and a well-informed patient is a happy patient. Ensure consistent customer experience from the moment a patient enquiries to the moment they leave. Create an outstanding reputation and let the reviews speak for themselves.
Surgical aseptic techniques and cross-infection control - All practices want to ensure they minimise the risk of patient harm to avoid loss of reputation and legality issues with the dental board. Under-trained staff leave the practice vulnerable. Ensure your practice is protected by investing in thorough training of all staff.
10.30 am - 10.45 am
Morning Tea
10.45 am - 12.00 pm
Surgical hand washing techniques - creating a safe workplace for staff and patients alike is just smart business. Reduce the expensive risk of legal bills and enquiry from the dental board whilst protecting your patients and staff alike. Maintain a high standard throughout the whole practice. This is a unified approach that leaves no room for interpretation. Protect your surgery, your patients, and yourself!
12.00 pm - 12.45 pm


12.45 pm - 3 pm
Scrubbing in, surgical setup, and surgical techniques - save time and money and avoid stressful situations by ensuring your team is fully informed about these paramount procedures. Never compromise the success of an implant again. Reduce waste by educating your staff on exactly what is needed for a procedure and eliminate stress by always shaving everything you need to hand. When staff understand why a sterile field is imperative to the safety and success rates of your implant surgery, they must follow surgical aseptic protocol seamlessly. Keep your surgery safe for patients, yourself and your staff.
3.00 pm - 4.00 pm
Cleaning and disposing of surgical setup. Maintenance and upkeep of equipment - When the integrity of sterilisation is compromised, it’s expensive and dangerous for the practice and patients alike. Making sure that your team knows how to keep equipment like implant motors and surgical instruments in order will reduce overheads considerably and make for a safe environment. Equipment is expensive so investing in the maintenance of instruments is good practice policy. Breakages lead to canceled surgeries and expensive replacements so training staff to understand exactly how to maintain and sterilise equipment is just good business sense!
Your training day will be bespoke to your practice and the price includes a follow-up review with Rochelle.
Stock audit and assistance in sourcing surgical supplies at the best cost!


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