Full Day Dental Implant Procedure Training

Full day in house training for the whole team
(Dental assistants, Front desk, Sterilisation nurse, Hygienist, Dentist, Practice managers)
✓ 7 Hours of CPD
✓ Increase profitability whilst decreasing stress levels!
✓ Become an efficient, cohesive implant surgical dream team.
✓ Be renowned for outstanding patient care.


This full-day comprehensive training will increase profitability for your surgery by providing thorough implant training for the whole team. Reduce waste, mistakes and stress whilst ensuring that your patient care excels.
So much time and money is wasted when a practice team is not working efficiently, economically and harmoniously. Gaps in implant training are rife and create stress for staff and patients alike. Micromanaging is exhausting and staff not doing what is expected of them is a challenge you could do without. Feeling unsupported by some members of your team is frustrating for everybody.
Gaps in implant training are hard to fill when time is so precious and you’re always chasing your tail, temporarily filling holes (pun intended). You’re worried that the scramble behind the scenes is affecting patient experience and you know it’s affecting your bottom line in mental health days, sick leave, staff retention and stock control.
What you want:
✓ An expert team who knows exactly what to do in any scenario and who are enthusiastic about their work, the practice and patient experience.
✓ Efficient systems for ordering, stock management and maintenance to ensure maximum profitability.
✓ To know you are protected by ensuring that all staff are following optimal cross-contamination protocol.
✓ Rave reviews and referrals flooding in thanks to patients receiving outstanding care.
✓ To work with ease and flow.
Rochelle will work alongside the principle dentist and practice manager to identify where training gaps need to be addressed before coming to the practice to deliver a full day of training for the whole team.
There are so many benefits to investing in a full day of training for your practice. Yes, it’s an investment of time and money but it’s one that will return tenfold, generating more profit in the long run (not to mention peace of mind for you).
Benefits include:
✓ Cost-effective stock control - stock rotation, expiry dates, stock management. Reduce waste and never run out of anything again.
✓ Staff efficiency - get the most out of your staff and create consistent operational practices that anyone can follow.
✓ Company culture - Create a supportive and harmonious working environment where everyone feels valued. A strong company culture reduces sick leave and improves staff attitude and efficiency.
✓ Reduce staff turnover - trained staff are happy staff and happy staff don’t look for other jobs or get lured to other practices for a dollar more an hour.
✓ More efficient booking times and surgery flow - Make your time make you money! Perfecting time management in a surgery maximises time without overloading the system into inefficiency.
✓ Patient experience - we all know that happy patients are returning customers and the best advert for your surgery. Trained, confident and efficient staff create excellent customer satisfaction.

"Rochelle has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of dental surgical setup and aseptic techniques, all she teaches is very relevant, and its worth learning all she has to share."

"Rochelle has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of dental surgical setup and aseptic techniques, all she teaches is very relevant, and its worth learning all she has to share."
Module Information

 Investment: $3,000. 

Up to 20 attendees from the same clinic

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